conversion [kən vʉr′zhən, kən vʉr′shən]
[ME conversioun < OFr conversion < L conversio < pp. of convertere: see CONVERT]
1. a converting or being converted; specif.,
a) a change from lack of faith to religious belief; adoption of a religion
b) a change from one belief, religion, doctrine, opinion, etc. to another
2. Finance
a) an exchange of one kind or class or security for another
b) an exchange of a currency for an equivalent amount of another currency or precious metal
3. Football
a) an additional scoring opportunity of a point or two, as by kicking, passing, or running with the ball, awarded to a team after it scores a touchdown
b) the score so made
4. Rugby a somewhat similar play as in football that scores two points after a try
5. Law
a) unlawful appropriation or use of another's property, resulting in a deprivation of ownership rights
b) an exchange of property from real to personal, or the reverse, as for settling the terms of a will: in full equitable conversion
6. Logic the interchanging of the terms of a proposition [by conversion,All of A is BbecomesAll of B is A]
7. Math. a change in the form of a quantity, a unit, or an expression without a change in the value
8. Psychiatry a mechanism by which emotional conflict is transformed into an apparent physical disability affecting the sensory or voluntary motor systems and having symbolic meaning: also conversion reaction and Archaic conversion hysteria
conversionary [kən vʉr′zhəner΄ē, kən vʉr′shəner΄ē]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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